Doubles don’t suck that bad

Well, I did it.  I accomplished my first double workout since college I think.  And it wasn’t so bad.  Sure, I will be ready to crawl into bed after I finish off this glass of wine and episode of Top Chef, but my legs don’t hurt – yet.  I decided to avoid the indoor track because Jeremy Block thinks indoor track workouts are lame and because I wanted to avoid the teeny boppers (Lisa you understand my pain), and because it was pouring freezing rain, I had only one option… dun dun dun, the treadmill.  I gave the treadmill an obligatory swift kick, as I often do before I hop on it.  I literally hop on the treadmill, I don’t know why.  35 minutes later, I was done running and it wasn’t so bad.  Today was a good day, to say the least.  The ONLY good thing about the treadmill is that I don’t have to dodge and weave to get past anyone.  But of course, one of the many bad things, other than what I listed in previous posts, is that people go over the 30 minute time limit by quickly restarting the timer after the 30 minutes expires.  Um hello, do you think I didn’t notice that your speed just went from 6.0 to 0.0, your “time elapsed” now magically says “0:25,” and your shirt is drenched in sweat? I have actually said to someone “I know you have already gone for 30 minutes” and the response was “so has the person beside me.”  Seriously?  Luckily I did not have to deal with that today, or I probably would have just turned in my YMCA membership because of my outrage over the multiple breaches of track/treadmill etiquette.

Tonight, I wore my new BodyHelix calf sleeves in OmniSkyn.  I used a different material before and had a harder time running in them because they are a bit more restrictive and I am between sizes.  The OmniSkyn is great.  I did my run in the OmniSkyn sleeve tonight and really felt like my shins/calves were well supported.  I have no pain while running on the treadmill, which is a first.  See below, where I model my new Dexter t-shirt, some serious pit stains, and the BodyHelix.

As you can see, I am built more like a shotputter than a Shalane Flanagan

Tomorrow is a recovery run with a few Fartleks (brief intervals of faster paced running).  Sunday is my long run.  Let’s hope this weather clears up.  There is nothing fun about running 12 miles on an indoor track, or for that matter- 20- my personal record.


4 thoughts on “Doubles don’t suck that bad

  1. You are cracking me up!! I LOVE reading your blog. I am quote/unquote training for the Cooper (I’m SO NOT a runner), and I find your words inspirational. So much that I am on day two of my version of the 10×10’s.

    You amaze me with your stamina, ability and dedication. Running is certainly addictive…I love how it is making me feel.

    Keep writing and sharing. It’s doin’ bodies, spirits and minds good!!


    • Thanks! Good luck at Cooper. I have never done it but heard it is a blast. You should check out the Run Faster book. It has training plans/advice for 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon. PS- my sis-in-law just got engaged and I really hope she uses KVP. I can live out my unfulfilled editorial photography dreams through her!

      • Thanks for that suggestion. I will definitely check it out.

        Aww…you are a doll. Would have been superFun to photograph y’all, but still your photos were beautiful. Thanks for the referral. Congrats to your sis-in-law.

  2. I am going to have to try compression on my right leg. See if it helps with the discomfort, it has really slowed me down. Hopefully, I can see how it works in the next few days. My first race of 2011 is 2/12 Cupid’s Cup 5k. I am only doing 5ks to 4 milers until after Pat’s Run in AZ. Then after that I hope to start working back up to 10k.

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