You wanna know why SuperDad is so super?  Because he plays video games until 3am (and I thought I was the half Asian one) and still will wake up at 8am to feed SuperBaby so I can go run and do Power Hour on a Saturday morning.  If the tables were turned, I probably would not stay up until 3am playing a video game, or any game for that matter, but regardless, there is no way I would get up after five hours of sleep just so my spouse could go run around in circles.  Then again, running keeps me sane and prevents my inevitable march towards obesity, so I guess he is benefiting.

This morning, I jogged four miles then did half of Power Hour.  I figured I should cut out early because today is my easy day, plus, SuperBaby and I were heading out of town to see my parents, and I wanted to have plenty of time for Bojangles and a nap.  One of my best friends, Brewer, took Power Hour and our other best friend (with the 4 ft long legs and insane body) taught class.  Before class, an older runner asked my about my BodyHelix sleeves and I gave a brief pitch, so hopefully he will buy a pair.  The sleeves came through again today, so I am definitely wearing them on my long run tomorrow.  During class, I once again realized how little upper body strength I have due to my focus on running.  That’s fine, because I have a tendency to build up upper body mass like a Greco Roman wrestler.  I skipped out on the jumping jacks because they exacerbate my shin splints.   Instead, I sprinted around the track.  That was my one modification for the day.  I have a rule that if you are not a newbie to Power Hour, you can have one modification per class.  Kevin always modifies the single-leg dead lifts.  I don’t know why, because they aren’t that difficult and are very effective at strengthening your hamstrings.  If you have never done them before, I highly recommend them.  They are one of my favorite exercises, probably because I have excellent balance and I am very good at them.  It actually is good to see Kevin skipping out on them, because I feel ever more superior.  Anyway, I always modify jump rope, because I have never been good at jump roping and obviously, because it makes my shins hurts more.  Some people modify pushups, and that’s understandable.  But single-leg dead lifts?  Come on.  Sorry Kevin, but you saw this one coming a mile away.

The rest of the day was devoted to sleeping, eating (one Cajun filet biscuit and two Bo Berry biscuits, thank you very much) and working.  The working part was not that fun but hey, I don’t get paid to write witty things about running, so I need to keep my day job going.  Tomorrow I am modifying my usual long run route of Southpark to Myers Park, because I am in Greensboro.  That will be a nice change of pace, provided there is enough sidewalk.  For some reason, sidewalks are a virtually endangered species here in the boro.  I will probably also need a deep tissue massage because I left my foam roller at home and my IT band is getting a little angry with me after yesterday’s workouts, so if anyone wants to set up a massage fund for me at Zen massage on East Blvd, I will gladly accept the handout.


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